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Open Byzantium (2012)

Open Byzantium (2012)

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Περίληψη Ταινίας :- |$|Η Ελέανορ και η Κλάρα είναι δύο μυστηριώδεις κι άστεγες γυναίκες που δραπετεύουν από έναν τόπο εγκλήματος για να βρεθούν σε ένα ξεχασμένο παραθαλάσσιο τοπίο. Προσπαθούν να βρουν κάποια χρήματα ζητιανεύοντας στην ευτελή προκυμαία και σε φτηνά ξενοδοχεία. Η Κλάρα αποδεικνύεται πιο πρακτική, πουλάει το κορμί της. Θα γνωρίσει τον μοναχικό και ντροπαλό Νόελ, που του παρέχει μια στέγη στο καταθλιπτικό του μικρό ξενοδοχείο, το Βυζάντιο. Η Κλάρα θα καταφέρει να το μετατρέψει σε οίκο ανοχής. Η Ελέανορ θα γνωρίσει τον ανοιχτόμυαλο Φρανκ και θα του πει την αλήθεια για τη ζωή της. Του εξηγεί πως η Κλάρα είναι μητέρα της και πως γεννήθηκε το 1804. Θα είναι πάντα 165 ετών και θα πρέπει να πίνουν αίμα για να επιβιώσουν. Στην μικρή, ήσυχη πόλη, άνθρωποι αρχίζουν να βρίσκονται νεκροί…

Neil Jordan has a had a long career in filmmaking, and is also a novelist too, writing fiction including Night in Tunisia (1976) and, most recently, Mistaken (2011). Therefore considering Byzantium is based on a play - Moira Buffini's A Vampire Story - it is no suprise that Jordan has chosen this project, proving that his latest vampire film is not another aspiring for Twilight success, but instead a neat re-tread of similar themes to that of his 1994 film Interview with the Vampire. Saoirse Ronan and Gemma Arterton play the timeless vampires, living in a coastal town, and at a point whereby the everlasting life Saoirse Ronan has been given is taking its toll - will she turn into the angry, dangerous woman her mother has become? Or will she stop herself from sinking her teeth into the next victim and consider a different way of life?

Setting the scene, we see Eleanor (Saoirse Ronan in a calm, measured performance) tearing pages from a book, narrating the story and introducing herself from a council estate. We then see an elderly man speak to her - a man who has collected and read the torn pages - and cautiously, he invites her into his house. As an allegory of the film as a whole, we question whether Eleanor will be the victim before it is revealed that it is the elderly man, aware of his final moments of life, who is offering his blood to satisfy her thirst. Eleanor is a vampire, who is due to remain a teenager for the rest of her life - the eternal school-girl. Our assumption of her innocence swiftly changes in these opening moments - akin to the innocent Eli in Let The Right One In - a young woman whose kindness and sensitivity is marred by a dangerous thirst for blood. The two films carry much in common, but Byzantium seems to build upon a sense of history and tradition that is left ambiguously open-ended in Let The Right One In. This manages to give a sense of scale and scope that we rarely see, as Byzantium manages to jump through time and weave together a story that is set across 200 years.
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